About Us

Convex Optical Co., Ltd.


was formed in 1991, and is now one of the leading suppliers of high quality lens/spectacle products, specializing in shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses, Polycarbonate Infrared lenses, Aspherical lenses, Anti-fog lenses, blue light blocker lenses, reading impact resistance lenses and a wide range of safety spectacles, tactical goggles, and chemical splash goggles with particular focus on the highest quality of anti-fog technology glasses, that Complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010 requirements.


Convex Optical delivers only the very best quality and price combination safety lenses and related eyewear.   Since 1991 we have been delivering these fine products to many brand name companies and distributors nationwide and around the world.


Convex Optical operates a modern facility in Tainan, Taiwan with ISO 9001 certified. It is our top priority to test and ensure that the quality of test product is done each piece in our own lab.   In addition, our business philosophy on our products and services guarantee that our customers receive only the most high quality lenses/eyewear as ordered as on time.  Convex Optical is sincere, competitive, and creative while meeting the demanding requirements of our customer’s orders.


Convex Optical has a diverse selection of only the finest quality lenses and spectacles from many categories.  Our production lines work 24 hours and 5 days a week with a capacity of 1.5 million lenses and 12,000 pairs of high scale chemical splash goggles per month to meet the customer’s need.  We can be your reliable Partner, not only our products pass global safety standards of ANSI, MIL, CSA, AS, CE, and EN with ISO 9001 certified, but we carry a full range of various types of lenses with best optical grade quality, best protection chemical splash goggles, stylish sports safety, and competitive price for our customers. 


Convex Optical understands that safety eyewear must have the very best quality control to maintain their high standards of quality.   With this in mind, we test our products with High Mass Tester, Prism Imbalance Tester, MiniDioptometer Tester, Ophthalmic Coatings Instrument, Haze-guard Plus, UV Spectrophotometer, and Lens Analyzer daily in our facility to provide consistent top quality spectacles to our customers.


Convex Optical enjoys a family like atmosphere where our teams look forward to offering prompt, reliable, and trustworthy service for our customers.  Our aim has always been to be one of the best sourcing choices in this industry.