Equipments and Lab

Convex Optical is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipments in our lab to ensure our quality control.


* High Velocity Impact Tester

* High Mass Impact Tester

* Lens Analyzer

* Prism Imbalance Apparatus

* Minidioptometer Tester

* Ophthalmic Coatings Instrument

* Haze-Guard Plus

* UV Spectrophotometer


Research and Development

Convex Optical constantly works on new cutting edge design for high technology lenses, anti-fog solution experiments, safety spectacles design and padded goggle glasses molds over the years.


Unique Products and Services

Convex Optical specializes in safety Polycarbonate lenses, including round lens, de-centered lens, Aspherical lens, cylindrical lens with UV protection, and a wide range selection of Inferred lenses, in addition, encompassing high efficiency EN grade anti-fog and REVO multi mirror coating lens, military grade tactical lens and spectacles, and multi-functional foamed goggle glasses.   Convex offers various productions of lenses/eyewear and efficient on time deliveries. All lenses and some eyewear are injected and coated in our facilities. 


Convex Optical Co., Ltd., a privately held company, is a reputable and integrated safety lenses eyewear provider.   Our premier quality meets the demands of safety market for both distributors and whole sellers.  Convex objective is to become a significant PC lens supplier and a safety eyewear provider in the sports, reading, and military safety industry, a best resource for our partners.  Please contact with us for any further questions and inquires.